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Noel Cutright, resting up for the Quad 30 Campaign

What is the Quad 30 Campaign?

Noel Cutright, to celebrate his more than 30 years of collecting BBS data, will attempt to complete 1 BBS route during each day of June, 2004 – 30 routes in 30 days – and in the process raise $30,000 for bird conservation. Thus, the name - Quad 30 Campaign.

What is the BBS?

The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is a long-term (started in 1966), continental avian monitoring program designed to track the status and trends of North American bird populations. Click here to reach the BBS home page.

How does the BBS work?

Participants skilled in avian identification collect bird population data along roadside survey routes. Each route has an established starting point and is 24.5 miles long with stops at 0.5-mile intervals. At each stop a 3-minute count is conducted; every bird seen within a 0.25-mile radius or heard is recorded. Surveys start 30 minutes before local sunrise, must be done under suitable weather conditions, and take almost 5 hours to complete. Over 4,100 survey routes are located across continental U.S. and southern Canada.

Where will Noel conduct the surveys?

Noel will start with 2 surveys in Ohio where he was born and raised. He will then drive home to Wisconsin where he will do 2 in the southeastern corner of the state. Almost half of the surveys will then take place in western Minnesota. Noel will then proceed with surveys across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, while picking up a couple of routes in northeastern Wisconsin.

Why must Noel visit 4 states to complete 30 surveys?

Noel will survey the 5 BBS routes in Wisconsin and Michigan’s UP that he has done for more than 20 years. To fill out the compliment of 30 routes, he needed routes for which no volunteer was assigned. Volunteers are the backbone of the BBS program; however, there are insufficient numbers in some regions of the country to complete all of the established routes. He worked with BBS state coordinators in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio to locate and be assigned routes that were open for 2004. Noel is hopeful that the publicity garnered by the Quad 30 Campaign will encourage other birders to volunteer to survey any unassigned routes in these states in future years.

How are BBS data used?

These data provide an index of population abundance that can be used to estimate population trends and relative abundances at various geographical scales. Declining population trends act as an early warning system to encourage research and management action to determine causes of avian declines and reverse them before populations reach critically low levels. The BBS web site provides trend estimates for over 420 bird species, with raw and summarized data provided for over 650 species.

How many bird species might Noel see on these 30 routes?

Noel has examined historical data for the last 3 years each of the routes has been run. Based on these data, he expects to find 179 species for the entire Quad 30 Campaign, with 136 in Michigan, 147 in Minnesota, 55 in Ohio, and 115 in Wisconsin.

What bird conservation cause will receive the money raised during the Quad 30 Campaign?

(The goal = $30,000)
ALL of the money raised will be contributed to the Important Bird Areas (IBA) program. Most states now have an IBA program, which identify, help protect, and monitor those areas that are critical for bird breeding, migrating, and/or wintering. To qualify as an IBA, a site must meet standardized scientific criteria.

Will Noel’s Quad 30 Campaign expenses be covered by the donations received?

No. Noel is paying all of his Campaign expenses.

Is my gift to the Quad 30 Campaign tax deductible?

Yes, the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO), a not-for-profit organization, is administering the Quad 30 fund. Noel is current President of the WSO and has worked for 27 years for We Energies in Milwaukee. However, if you are not interested in a tax deduction, all checks made out directly to the Quad 30 Campaign or to Noel will be matched 1:1 by Noel’s employer’s Foundation, so your gift to the IBA program can be doubled. All contributors will receive a Quad 30 wrap-up report later in summer (after Noel recovers).

How can I make a contribution to the Quad 30 Campaign?

Please download the pledge form available on the web site, complete it, and mail it back to Noel Cutright, 3352 Knollwood, West Bend WI 53095. You can either include a check, or make a pledge and receive a notice for payment following the Campaign’s completion. If you would prefer, you can simply email Noel at with your name, mailing address, and a description of your pledge.

How can I follow Noel on his Campaign?

The Quad 30 Campaign web site will be updated regularly. You will be able to follow Noel’s journey and his accomplishments during the month of June. He also plans to contact the local media for coverage as he travels in the 4-state region to garner publicity for the need for long-term monitoring projects like the BBS program and for the urgent need for more funding for bird conservation.

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