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Quad 30 Photo Collection

Photo Op!
Pictures taken along the way.
Can you believe this Eastern Phoebe nest built on the front porch of my house in Ohio? The female was incubating on May 27 when I arrived to prepare for my first Quad 30 route to be conducted on May 30.
A typical sunrise that I observed in the agriculture-dominated, treeless landscape of southwestern MN.
An early morning, double rainbow observed on the Tracy, MN route. Later in the morning, I had to sit-out (took a cat-nap actually) a 30-minute hard rain and then completed the survey successfully.
Carl Schwartz and I ate breakfast near this painted building in downtown Bird Island, MN after completing the Franklin MN route. Too bad there are so many "wires" in the picture.
After Carl's departure following the completion of the Knapp, MN route and after breakfast in Dassel, I stopped to visit the museum and the world's largest twine ball in Darwin. "The ball of twine was made by Francis A. Johnson. It weighs 9 tons and has a 40-foot girth. When Johnson died, he also had 500 hammers and 7,000 pencils. He also hand-carved wooden pliers of all sizes and that all worked, many of which are on display in the museum."
The flatlands of western MN on Chokio route near Morris where my daughter Laurel attends the Univ. MN - Morris. Long freight trains are especially common in this region of the country.
Yes, the sign really does read "Noel's Bottle Shop." The location is near the start of the Nebish, MN route outside Bemidji.
Roadside wildlife art found on the Grygla, MN route, just down the road from 3 displaying Marbled Godwits.
More wildlife art at the entrance to a long driveway to a farm residence.
Crossing the Mississippi River on the Cass Lake, MN route as it flows between Cass Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish near the juncture of Beltrami, Cass, and Itasca Counties.
Moccasin flower (pink lady's-slipper) at a stop on the Blackduck route where the "road" was only a 2-track through the Blackduck State Forest.
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